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US Customers - The highest shipping costs you will pay is $16.00, no matter the total of your items, or the cost of postage! WE will pay for any overages, including insurance! :)

And -We review shipping on all orders, and any significant shipping overages are refunded. Thank you!

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - please see info at the bottom of the page.



I'm sorry, with the exception of Canada, we no longer ship internationally.

Shipment to Canada:

Please also note that the minimum order amount is $40.

Also, all shipping charges are an estimate, due to the way our shipping is structured with the discounts we can receive here in the US for some types of Priority Mail shipping. But because we expect the shipping charges to be higher than necessary (unless you have chosen very heavy items), we will review every order and refund any significant shipping overages.

You may also be asked to pay any differences if the items you choose are too heavy to ship at the estimated shipping, but that is very rare. So far, we have never had to ask for a higher shipping amount when shipping to Canada.

I'm sorry for the difficulties, I know this is frustrating. If you only want light items, or items that are smaller (including the smaller paper pads), these items can be significantly lower in shipping charges. Feel free to email me for an estimate, through the email form, or directly, if you have that address. . (I don't want it up on the internet, but I'm happy to give it to any of my customers.)

And thank you! We really do appreciate all of our customers, and I am happy to help you any way I can to keep postage down while still insuring that your items get to you safely and undamaged. Your orders also will ALWAYS include insurance.

If it is easier (or less expensive) for you to just order elsewhere, please go with our blessings and good will. I wish fervently that we could do better for you on shipping charges, but we are a small enough company that we simply cannot. Best Wishes and Kind Regards to you, Jennifer

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